FX011 Uncoiler
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FX011 Flax Round Uncoiler is applied to make scutched flax roll unwinding into continuous slices. Meanwhile, flax splitting can be implemented on the platform of the machine so that it can make preparation for the next procedure. FX011A Flax Round Uncoiler can be directly connected with Hackling machine. Therefore, during unwinding of round flax, bundles of flaxes can be grabbed from the platform of the machine and directly put into Hackling process.

The unwinding speed of FX011/FX011A Flax Round Uncoiler is controlled by frequency converter. It can be adjusted according to actual operational need. Automatic stop device is installed near the end of worktable, which can prevent slice of flax leaving its position. When it is going to leave the position, the machine will automatically stop in standby status to prevent slice of flax dropping. When bundles of flaxes are taken away, the machine will operate automatically.  

Adopting FX011/FX011A Flax Round Uncoiler can effectively save work site, reduce labor intensity of workers, improve work efficiency and reduce number of labor.

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